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CholestRX Benefits Good Prostate Health - Helps Prevent Breast Cancer - Lowers Cholesterol CholestRX is an excellent supplement for lowering cholesterol. CholestRXcontains 300 mg. of beta-sitosterols, 200 mg. of beta glucan, and 40 mg. of soy isoflavones. It has been proven that Beta-sitosterols lower total cholesterol levels including LDL cholesterol levels,...

A Healthy You: Best Foods for Prostate Health - Nylen Cancer Center

Happy Movember .

Movember is an awareness campaign during November for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer. Movember encourages men to grow mustaches, and to be aware of family history and to adapt a more healthy lifestyle.

It is no secret that eating healthy is key to reducing your chance for cancer and cancer recurrence. Dietitians have recommended increasing your whole grains,...

Source: Nylen Cancer Center

Yahoo answersWhat are the best vitamins/supplements for prostate health?

  • Men's Health

    Save your money instead of buying hair growth products or supplements. Vogue Dec. 2010 issue has a section on biotin, supplements, etc. . The FDA don't even approve of them. Because of inadequate...

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    Fiftysomething Diet as part of your regular diet will certainly have beneficial effects on your general health. 5 Foods for Men: Certain foods and nutrients give men a distinct advantage in warding off chronic diseases, like prostate cancer, high

  • Why are pomegranates so good for your health?

    However, the potential benefits of pomegranates for breast cancer and prostate health are pretty solid, and pomegranates also have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Some foods just demand that you slow down and savor their pleasures.

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    However, there is good evidence that certain lifestyle changes can dramatically decrease the risk. Thirty years If you smoke or use other tobacco products, quitting is by far the most important step you can take to prevent cancer and protect your

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    OK for humor, not good for your health. No matter And statins can do even more: If you have radiation for prostate cancer, they boost the eight-year "all-clear" rate from 74 percent to 80 percent. You can slash inflammation by losing excess

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    The researchers say that antioxidants in green tea, called polyphenols, reduce inflammation of prostate tissue. Another Personally, I just like a cup of green tea a day because it tastes good, but it's nice to know that it is healthy as well

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Food For Good Prostate Health . The prostate is a major part of the male reproductive system. It is a relatively small gland that is responsible in creating semen. The ...

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