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  • Improves lymph fluid flow, which is responsible for cleansing of the blood in the affected area....
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  • Improves blood flow in affected muscles surrounding your prostate gland, anus and lower colon areas.

CholestRX Benefits Good Prostate Health - Helps Prevent Breast Cancer - Lowers Cholesterol CholestRX is an excellent supplement for lowering cholesterol. CholestRXcontains 300 mg. of beta-sitosterols, 200 mg. of beta glucan, and 40 mg. of soy isoflavones. It has been proven that Beta-sitosterols lower total cholesterol levels including LDL cholesterol levels,...

Prostate massage therapy to support male health for lifestyles

It will be significant for males to understand that the health status in their prostate in the long run will depend on possible choices and decisions they make and prostate massage risks can help this male gland. If you count your self among the group that desires to experience a healthy prostate existence then there are a few things you will have to manage to do. Sooner than understanding the role that...

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Yahoo answersWhat can you guys tell me about the Aneros?

  • Men's Health

    Aneros is a line of patented male sex toys anatomically designed to massage and stimulate the prostate for sexual pleasure. The Aneros was originally developed by HIH, LLC in 1996 as a device for...

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